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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2004 at 9:52pm
So this is what I'm going for, for tomorrows 'celebrity' day. Or at least attempting. (- the crazy dots on her face from the magazine..) And I can't pull the hair off too well, so it will just be somewhat messy.

Brody Armstrong [lead singer of The Distillers]

Let's see how bad I can do..
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10-11-04 10:23pm

eff that. BAD my ass.

HOT HOT HOT twill be.


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10-12-04 5:37am

she looks kinda like courney love, and that isn't a good thing

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Re:, 10-12-04 6:39am

yeah, well what can ya do

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:P, 10-12-04 4:25pm

You didn't do bad at all. You were definitely "HOT HOT HOT."

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Re: :P, 10-12-04 9:26pm

Thaaank you.

*ruffles your hair*

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