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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 10-15-2004 at 10:12pm
Ahhhh.... A whole day with David ahead and no dumb stupid family. Sweetest day tomorrow? That's what they tell me.
Wrong Turn is suppose to be good? I guess we'll see soon.

Anyways, no more marching forever and a day. And ... and!.... I get to play my Barry in a quartet for the intermission for the play and for a small Christmas Concert treat. I really like this Hubert thing. He's a beast!!

(Hubert=Barry Sax for those who can't follow.)

Anyways, I need my rest. Long day ahead tomorrow. wink*
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10-16-04 12:32am

you have fun, but dont do anything i wouldnt. ;)

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Re:, 10-18-04 3:10pm

What's that? That would be nothing is off limits then right?

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10-16-04 2:46pm

have fun. Everyone at college is obsessed with this whole sweetest day thing. Wow. I hope you have an awesome day! Call me tonight if you can. Love ya Bec!!

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