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:: 2008 14 May :: 5.47 pm

Well, almost a full year has come and gone since my last Woohu post, so I figure it's about time for a new one. Alot's changed in a year, which I suppose is just the natural course of things. Well, that's about all the detail I'm going to go in...

This has been another update brought to you by me

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:: 2007 22 July :: 10.12 am

So, I'm not dead... yet, if any of you care.

But I have noticed that people that completely ignored me in school, or looked down on me, or were "too cool" to associate with me during school now all of a sudden want to be buddy-buddy now that I'm in the Air Force. What the hell is up with that shit? Anyone with any ideas, I'd love to hear why.

Other than that every thing's okay, so I'm gonna go now... you all have fun


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:: 2007 13 May :: 10.41 pm

New car.... Yay

1989 Isuzu Trooper

That is all

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:: 2007 5 May :: 10.39 am


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:: 2007 22 April :: 4.52 pm

So, I'm pretty sure that I won't be home until Thanksgiving

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:: 2007 19 February :: 1.51 pm

Alright, just to prove that I'm alive, and that I didn't fall off the edge of the earth, here is an update for those of you who don't look at any of my million other sites. I'm in Monterey, California. Yes, it is beautiful here, although very expensive. The next time I'll have a chance to come home is either gonna be Easter or late July, i believe. Once I find out more, I'll let you all know. But this, my friends, has been an update


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:: 2006 5 December :: 11.16 pm

Alright, apparently I mean nothing to anyone except a select few. Those of you who either made it to my party, had a valid excuse, or otherwise tried to get in touch with me "Thank you". From the bottom of my heart I thank you. And, if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, than this has nothing to do with you, so thank you too.

I leave in 5 days for the Air Force, and I just want to say goodbye to all of you who care about me. For all of you who don't, good riddance. Adios, Goodbye, however you want to put it. I doubt I will see you all again, so, with that I leave.


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:: 2006 7 November :: 2.05 pm

Okay, so I'm still here... I'm all set to leave December 11th. If, by any chance, anyone wants to hang out/catch up/all that bullshit with me before I leave, lemme know

other than that, i'm done

i'm gone,

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:: 2006 9 October :: 10.18 pm

Alive. Bored. Leave in Dec.. Still happy with Rach.

any questions... ask


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:: 2005 12 November :: 10.26 pm

does anyone read this?

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:: 2005 1 November :: 10.47 pm

halloween was alright. didnt get much candy, but i spend almost all night with rachael. i left her house around eleven. so that was fun. she's awesome!!!

yeah, thats about it. see ya'll later


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:: 2005 7 October :: 11.40 pm

Okay, for those of you who actually read this:

I am not dead... actually very far from dead... i am feeling great. I have a girlfriend, who is fantastic, classes are going good, and I don't have to put up with shit from soccer. Life is going good


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:: 2005 19 September :: 9.52 pm

Easy entertainment!!! :

Step 1: Go to www.google.com
Step 2: Type in "failure" (with or without quotations)
Step 3: Click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button
Step 4: Laugh and share with everyone!

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:: 2005 18 September :: 10.46 pm

just to show that i'm still alive and well.... i post

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:: 2005 31 August :: 11.15 pm


1st: Band with Robuck
2nd: JA Econ with Busen
3rd: Spanish 5 with Warwick
4th: AP Lit With Dolbee
5th: AP Stats with Andrus
6th: AP Bio with Fournier
Seminar with Fournier

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