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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 10-16-2004 at 12:00am
today has been a crappy day i guess.. i mean, it started out fine with me and adam haning out.. but once i got past school and to work.. it went down hill... i was so out of it....

i got some news that made me wicked depressed though i said the opposite.. that i was actually happy.. i wasnt, but then lauren cheered me up... shes so awsoume. i wish i had a lauren of my own sometimes. someone who i could luv, i dont care about the bad if it doesnt work out stuff.. why limit myself out of fear.... shes just so perfect.. i wish i could find someone like her around here...*sigh*
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10-16-04 5:55pm

.... Thank you!
*blushes like mad*

And I wish I had a perfect little Todd with me at all times to luv as well. ^^

*major hugs and kisses*

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Re:, 10-17-04 11:52pm

aww. thats wicked sweet, thank you! *muah*

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