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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 10:57pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: nothing...
Subject: I want to die...
Each sentence is being quietly uttered in the back of my mind.

I want to grasp your heart in my hand and never give it back.

Hope to see you soon someday, again.

I miss you dearly.

Don't you remember those simple days when everything seemed so...simple?

I want you back.

Where did everyone go?

Your bitching was annoying and exaggerated, but wish I could see it once more.

High school is the bane of my existence.

Kill me, please.

Hold me close to you so I never feel alone again.

I wish we could see each other more.

Those songs you've once made me listen now play in my memories of you.

Is it just me or am I being ignored.

I have to finish this.

Though I may not show it, I still need your guidance and wisdom.

Tear the hair out of your scalp and drape it over your face.

Used to look up to you...but I don't know anymore.

The good ole days are gone.

Why did everything have to go awry again?

We don't talk about the things we used to anymore.

Change is a bitch along with life.

Dance my cares away.

The past replays in my mind like a broken movie projector.

I hope that I die suddenly and everyone will regret ever ignoring me.

Even the days that were good seem all the more bad.

Can you hear me?

I'm in need of attention from all places.

There's no use doing anything anymore because it's just a waste.

Why were we born to leave a mark when that mark is going to be trampled on anyway?

I sometimes wish people were as understanding as you.

I want you to be dependent on me for once, like it was once upon a time.

Play me a song and sing me a tune so I can fall asleep on your shoulder.

I suck at life.

I don't care anymore.

I want to die...

I want to die... it's true. I feel abandoned beyond reason and I can't stand it. People are just drifting away and it's not just a couple of people at a time. It's everyone; some farther away than others, but still. I just want to die and make them regret that they ever lost touch with me. It's selfish, I know...but some people just don't realize that this fucking hurts. It drives me insane.

Of course, I'm the one being boring so no one will want to talk to me. *sigh* Just forget. I'll just go away and never come back. I don't care if people will care or not, because I'm just being stupid. Adieu.
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