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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 10-17-2004 at 9:52pm
Music: Third Day Offerings 1
Subject: His Glory

So I'm sitting here in my room, trying to write an essay - it's all about this one major event in my life (bc that's what the assignment is - the experience essay)
and so the experience is just too complicated and emotional for me to actually sit and write about. so i'm making the whole thing a metaphor. except it's taking me so long to do! sigh.
a large part of the reason why it's taking me so long to write though, (besides the fact that i'm somewhat of a perfectionist)
is that i can't get my mind to stop thinking about this morning, and music, and God, etc.

I took a shower hoping it'd help to clear my mind, but it didn't. I had some tea, which also didn't work.
I don't think my mind will be clear until i say out loud, or publicly
my thanks to the Lord for His work and the song that was just recently written.
The way the song came together seems so right in my spirit, and i'm so thankful that He used me and others to write a song. It's really His song...

I thank You, Lord, for this song.

Part of the reason that I'm finding it so hard to concentrate is that it's been bugging me that I haven't thanked Him for it except in my own mind. So now I feel better.
Because the glory is His, and I've been struggling with focusing on myself and raising myself up. Meanwhile I should just be living a life in light of Him...
And it goes for things everything, from if I get song lyrics, or a picture like the one in the last entry,... or if I overcome a certain obstacle in my life, the glory is not mine. It should be His and is His,

And to fully explain myself, about the song -in short - over the past few weeks through the encouragement of my youth leader, me and a friend of mine (plus others) wrote a song that we'll be playing in front of my church two weeks from now. i'd love to go into detail, but now that my conscience is clean, I gotta get back to my essay.

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10-18-04 11:08am

that was a truly beautiful entry. thank you. i needed that.

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Re:, 10-18-04 11:51am

That reply made my day. or week. Thank you.

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