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spud (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2004 at 7:05pm
Current mood: sedate
Subject: Free Cell
still wanna buy that car.

still know i'm not going to.

still have to do all those college applications waiting for me upstairs.

still numb from this afternoon.
it's a good numb.

like phil said, "mellow."
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10-18-04 7:15pm

nah, I said mellow


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Re:, 10-18-04 7:17pm


i wasn't quoting you.

otherwise i would have gone back and checked, then written "mellow".

but i didn't.

i was just trying to incorporate you generally.

my apologies.

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Re: Re:, 10-18-04 7:19pm

I'm just joshin ya

I knew what you meant

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Re: Re: Re:, 10-18-04 7:22pm


i suspected some super-fil sarcasm going on, but i couldn't be sure.

stupid computers.

some things you just can't relate.

either way, i fixed it.

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12-15-04 10:34pm

hey, i remember this day.

i remember this very well....

when i dropped my gas cap at tows, because i couldn't feel my legs.

...very good day...

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