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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2004 at 10:26pm
Current mood: lost
Subject: It's been a looong day...
Derek has a lot of hot asian friends, Adam being one of them, but damn! With the risk of sounding soooo uber racist, I'm generally not attracted to asian guys but D-A-M-N!

Lol, just had to say that ^^ But I want to know how I did on the chem test!! It can make or break my chem grade! I'm screwed in... everything lol

Okay, so unlike last year's Girl's Ensemble, in Chorale we had personal one-on-one meetings with Shaull to discuss our grades and what we thought we deserved. So I go out and I tell him how I feel my voice has a tendency to crack even in my middle range so he makes me sing. Gives me the sibling talk for the millionth time and then tells me I can be just as good, maybe a bigger contribution to the singing program, as Dare Bear. WOOT! Then he said I have a "big voice" and "big talent" I just need to apply them to when I sing second soprano in Girl's 21... heh... biznatch! ANYWAY! So then he said he's going to find me someone to study voice with, HAH! That's likely, just like he'll actually be there when he schedules after school singing sessions LMAO!

Went to DBT today... that was... interesting to say the least. So far, all I got out of it is the true meaning of antisocial and a good idea for a poem. If it works out then I'll use it for The Slam this year. The main theme is that I'm lost, unsure, in a state of cognitive confusion because I'm really just what everyone wants me to be and I've lost what I want. That my thoughts are really not mine, but someone else's and I don't know what mine are anymore. This is a product of taking the PSAT and putting linguistics as my future major instead of something pertaining to animals. The reason I was so entranced with Big Cat Diaries on Sunday was because it reminded me of what I dreamed of doing when I was little... *sigh*
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