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lizster540 (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2004 at 4:47pm
Current mood: creative
Music: stacie orrico
Subject: you're taken me over, and I like that
Update! Update! Update!

1. me and Dan are now dating, and have been for a month and like a week now. THUMBS UP! he's my favorite.

2. Im really enjoying highschool right now. I've made some really awesome friends and it's just a breath of fresh air for me.

3. My dad has to go back to Iraq, and we might be moving into Richmond Place sometime after Christmas, but Dan, Caroline, Jenn, and a bunch of other kids live there.

4. Homecoming is this weekend, but im not going. Me and Dan are going to go do something aaturday, hopefully to see The Grudge.

5. I have missed Woohu.

6. End.
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02-14-06 10:06pm

i like your icon, my names andrew. you seem really cool, was wondering if i could add you a s a friend?

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Re:, 04-12-06 9:27pm

Sure, I dont get on here much anymore. And this is an old journal from like 2 years ago, but feel free to add me. Maybe ill start posting again.

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