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:: 2008 1 June :: 10.23 pm
:: Mood: A big ol' Clusterfuck!
:: Music: Tokio Hotel-"Ready,Set,Go!"

I'm Open For Business!
Well what do ya know? My bitchin' azz self is back at it again. I'm living my life and came across woohu again. I need to start blogging more and i've lost my touch with it, which is sad, very sad. I am really tired considering i'e just returned from a 10 hour Baby Shower that literally felt like forever. I mean, it's my best friend's baby, but still. I can't sit out in the hott sun for more than 2 hours to the point where i'll be stompin some ass for a cigarette. Pardon my language, well no don't pardon, i meant every word. I've been looking back on past entries and learning of how much a loser i really am lol. I recently joined a little place known as and i personally fell into love with it. It's a live webcam community where you can go on cam and talk to ppl form all over the world, at first, everyone just thinks it's some place to be insanely crazy and show your junk off to people, but it's really not. It is a serious place for fun. You should all join and add me, just go to my profile, CLICK HERE! I'm so busy these days between hanging with my friends and entertaining ppl on stickam. I can be sure to tell you this blog will never get boring anytime soon. Look out for some really crazy andy stories. COMING SOON!

P.s. This is where i'm saying goodbye and seeya at the next blog!


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:: 2007 25 December :: 12.06 am
:: Mood: Ready for Christmas! =D
:: Music: Paramore-"Misery Business Remix"

I'm Back for 08'
Hello Everyone,

I am back at woohu. I haven't expected a comeback, but low and behold; here i am. I'm doing very good these days. I've turned 16 and i am definitley loving it. I'm currently single, and after finding out that right now love doesn't exist for me(Hint: Past Entries), i've gone and looked for it, so far, nothing. I hope that you old woohu friends will welcome me back with open arms, i've missed this place for sure. Well, Merry Christmas, and be back soon to update more...

-love me like whoa.

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:: 2007 30 May :: 2.13 am
:: Mood: WHOA!
:: Music: Lilliz-"What I Like About You"

It's a Crazy/Psycho/Messed up/shitty kind of Night!
whoa as if i never give you guys a good update, here's one! Tonight samantha tells me she likes me, mistake no.1, i told her i like her too. Tonight my recent x-girlfriend a.k.a Alicia/Best Friend found out somehow.....i wonder who!!!!! Well she decided she could flip on me and say i'm a liar/all the above. BUT! She broke up with me because it was awkward, and she wasn't feeling right about the relationship. Well if she didn;t want the relationship, then why now does she decide to flip so crazily because someone likes me, and my feelings are surfacing for her again too. Then again, when we were dting i told her my feleings for sam were gone. I think i really ended up hurting he and i fell terribl, but she never gave me time of day to explain myslef, she jsut signed off and never let me reply. I feel like the biggest loser in the world right now, besides bush, but still. I have these two wonderful girls, wonderful in my eyes, not so much in some of my friends. I mean with samantha, i can talk about anythign to, we can last a conversation for days on end, and she has the best way to make me laugh, and keep me happy...Then alicia, she knows how to cheer me up, was always there for me, and now decides she likes me, she's got this way of making you fall fast for her(trust me, i know!!!). I'm stuck here in between two ppl and i know in the end, i'm going to have to choose wisely, but after all, when do i ever choose wisely. I mean look at my past, it doesn;t show bright colors of a great relationship, the best relationship i've ever had was with jessica durstine, and that was the 5th grade. All i want is love in my life, is that so hard to ask for? I don;t want to be hurt anymore, and both of them have done that. I just wnat them both to change and decide on if they really want me or not. Trust me, maybe i'm not the guy you want at all, not even a little bit, not even at all. I hope that my decision becomes easier than it seems right now, and i could use all the help i can get, so please, don't hesitate to tell em what you think....plz tell me what you think! I love you all, goodnight =]


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:: 2007 27 May :: 1.38 pm
:: Mood: Tempted
:: Music: Paramore-"Misery Business"

Take a Look At Me Now
Hello guys, i'm back. I've had so much change these past coupel months. I've dropped sam, and ended up dating my best friend(for a while) It didn't work out. I've just been living my life mostly, doing all that i can. I figured if life isn't gonna go the way you want it to, live it the way it is then. So, brittney(my friend) assumes that samantha likes me again, and i think so too. She hints to me that she really likes some guy, but wouldn't tell me, and only will tell Brittney. Sop, who knows, but i'd like your guys opinions on this, i'd like to know what you think i should do. Well i've got to go finish a nice myspace layout, be back soon.


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:: 2007 24 January :: 3.27 pm
:: Mood: astounded
:: Music: Ryan Cabrera-"Exit To Exit"

When the world stops we fall off?
Has anyone besides me ever had one of the hardest relationships ever?! I feel like Samantha could care less about me. It's like she got what she wanted and now that she has it, she's done[makes me want to blow my head off] Especially now that this is the 8th time that we've gone back out. This ON AND OFF dating thing has got to stop. I want to be in serious relationship and she only wants to mess around with my heart[maybe take it in her hands and smash it]. But anyways, dating sucks, and i'm trying to get used to this so called normal life i don't have. Today i decided that sitting on the computer all hours would be fun,'s not. I'm now as bored as ever and don't see why the net interests me. Maybe because it's the only place i can actually let loose and tell ppl how i feel without really being judged. But sometimes, that even defeats it's own purpose. Eventually there is one person on the earth that will decide to want to bitch you out on your own journal, and i'm yet to meet mine. I'm amazed at how extremely bored i get to the point that i talk about the most boring things; there was a point there.(i make myself bored.) Tommorrow's plans are as follows:

1) Probably sit at home and watch tv.
2) Think about how stupid i am to fall in these hopeless relationships.
3) Tell myself how stupid i am that i forgot my Science book, and will be failing my test.
4) Wonder why i do what i do
5) Wait for the arrival of money so i can go shopping for some new clothes that i NEED.(thought i'd put a happy one in there.)


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