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imnotokay (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2008 at 10:23pm
Current mood: A big ol' Clusterfuck!
Music: Tokio Hotel-"Ready,Set,Go!"
Subject: I'm Open For Business!
Well what do ya know? My bitchin' azz self is back at it again. I'm living my life and came across woohu again. I need to start blogging more and i've lost my touch with it, which is sad, very sad. I am really tired considering i'e just returned from a 10 hour Baby Shower that literally felt like forever. I mean, it's my best friend's baby, but still. I can't sit out in the hott sun for more than 2 hours to the point where i'll be stompin some ass for a cigarette. Pardon my language, well no don't pardon, i meant every word. I've been looking back on past entries and learning of how much a loser i really am lol. I recently joined a little place known as and i personally fell into love with it. It's a live webcam community where you can go on cam and talk to ppl form all over the world, at first, everyone just thinks it's some place to be insanely crazy and show your junk off to people, but it's really not. It is a serious place for fun. You should all join and add me, just go to my profile, CLICK HERE! I'm so busy these days between hanging with my friends and entertaining ppl on stickam. I can be sure to tell you this blog will never get boring anytime soon. Look out for some really crazy andy stories. COMING SOON!

P.s. This is where i'm saying goodbye and seeya at the next blog!

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07-04-08 5:20am

hey i hit random journal and yours came up.. how cool! you should keep up with this journal.. i'm going to try with mine. anyway, ttyl.

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