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User:imnotokay (user# 24120)
AOL IM:xxallenemiesxx [add buddy]
Bio:Just me, Unique, and def a friend you want.
Friends:(17) acidtears, blondiegirl05, CallistoMoon, dakishime, DisturbedDragon, fadedxtears, hiphulagirl, hwnchick, kud, lovedlessthanmost, mydecadesunder, rive, SeraphimRhapsody, sheerxlove, unxwanted, xsilentxsuicidex, yamiyugi
Friend Of:(8) blondiegirl05, Dakishime, DisturbedDragon, lisa3019, lovedlessthanmost, mydecadesunder, unxwanted, YAMIYUGI
Interests:(1) Music,Photography,Did i say music? =D
Created:2005-02-20 21:23:34
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