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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2004 at 8:26pm
Music: Esurientes- Magnificat
Subject: Molly: the girl who's voice topples water bottles (<3 Sara)
Mr. Shaull has had me stay for Girls' Ensemble (since I now have fourth period "free") for the last two days. Oh he also had me sing that high note (by myself!) above everyone in Girls 21 this morning! Anyway, yesterday, I warmed up in front of everyone and then sang the Et misericordia (sp? Ha, you'd think I'd know) solo. I also helped the sopranos with their line and sang the solo above everyone. I did alright except for the fact that I am completely incapable of mixing or bringing like ANY color to my chest voice. Ha. Today, Danika and Lindsey were there too, so they sang before I did. I worked on the "high parts" of the same solo as Tuesday. It was great because he now totally thinks I can't handle low notes at all. ANYWAY, I had to hit that high A like a zillion times because he wanted me to break glass and... I wasn’t... We also concluded that my biggest need above everything was to take a chance. Sigh. Oh well. It is good for me to be doing this I guess... builds character. Haha, Kristen Bailey sang alone for a little bit also. Mr. Shaull did one of his exaggerated imitations of her faults (for her it was trapping her sound in her throat etc.) and he made this funky sound. So she is like “Is that what I sound like?” and he is like “Well, yeah.” And she’s like “Ewww.” HAHAHA. So funny. Aaaah freshmen. Anyway, we’ll see about singing. I’m alternating feeling good and not-so-good about my voice. Oh well, just got to keep on keeping on.

On a different note (HAHA, I made a pun!) GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am officially finished! Goodnight ladies and gentlemen!
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10-21-04 5:46pm

Just keep in mind that he loves Which is good and bad. Good because you're definitely in MSS next year and just that he likes you, and bad because everone else is jealous. Oh, and I guess bad if you don't like him teasing you. But really, it's all because he loves you so much.

Anyway, yay for good sounding ppl! Maybe you'll get a solo in the Magnificat!! : )

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Re:, 10-22-04 12:41am

Yeah, I guess...
Who is jealous? You? Because you have absolutely no reason to be. He SO loves you too. And anyone else who is jealous of him calling me MOLDRID and saying I am funny looking should get their head checked! Did you like that today how he was like: “Yes, everybody is talking about Molly: how pretty her voice is, how much they love her new nickname, and about how funny she looks.” Haha, sigh.
I seriously doubt I will get a solo, though. Unless it is just "the high parts." Haha.

Thanks for the thoughts, though, Mel. <3

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