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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 10-20-2004 at 11:20pm
Music: German Techno
4 wheeling today and I suck! but it was fun. I don't suck- it was a shifter one and not automatic so don't tease me about that. I got better.

Tried something new today. Making out while driving. It was fun but make sure he pays attention to mailboxes and stays on the road. It was stimulating.

Anyways, so the freaking weekend can't come any sooner?
Sleep makes everytning go quicker. I better sleep more.
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10-21-04 8:48am

yeah, you almost killed me when i went with you. i would say that you do suck.

but i wont hold that against you.

it's your job to kill people.

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10-21-04 12:48pm

"why don't we ever do what i want to do?"

"Because you're always trying to kill somebody!"

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10-21-04 7:21pm

wow, bec, you might want to be careful. is making out really worth killing someone by accident or getting yourselves injured or killed? I know that you're young and it's fun- but just--- be careful. don't hurt other people becuase you're stupid.

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Re:, 10-24-04 10:29pm

Oh and what your so old and experienced? WTF?
And it's my job to hurt other people. I didn't know I had to fill you in on that.

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