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waiting4rain (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2004 at 11:18pm
Music: Tree63
Subject: Song: The Answer To The Question

**I'm growing tired of a mouth shut tight
when all I want to do is tell the whole world
about the Man sitting at the right hand of the One in Heaven
how could I sing about anything but Him**

He is the answer to the question
He is the cure for the infection
He is all He says He is
He is the ultimate reflection
of holiness and true perfection
He is all He says He is

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10-23-04 9:50pm

Julie my dear, it is Brisa. I have been reading your entries and they are all very inspirational, they bring light to my life when I'm down, just like you and your beautiful smile, hehe. keep up the fantastic work love yous :)

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Re:, 10-24-04 12:50am

Love you too Brisa. :} Thanks so much;
Our talks are precious and encouraging, aren't they?
We shall make apple crisp and poison ourselves with Ovaltine soon. :)
Keep seeking His Face.
Love you lots xoxo

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