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confused+abused (profile) wrote,
on 10-29-2004 at 7:47pm
So Brent wrote me Bleh... if he ever really meant what he said we would still be together and i wouldn't be crushed... So im not one to share my whole life story but I'm going to put the letter on here... okies

I miss you so much and i really hope that you can forgive me for everything that I'v put you threw I could go threw a million pieces ofpaper begging for you back but chose against it because you probably won't anyways. I miss everything about you! I'v dated since August but no one like you, you are the funnest person to be around and I miss that. I sold my car in Sept. and I am planning on getting and apartment soon im hoping you will come and stay with me. i wrote a poem for you so I'll put it in here.
Never again
I don't deserve you i know
every thought become distant your laughter a blur
as my nightmares become reality you really aren't there
i miss your kiss, your touch, i miss the clovers you loved so much,
Id give a million happy moments for just one more with you
i never thought you wouldn't be here
my life seems pointless without you.
Jess iv shared all of my hopes and dreams with you in hopes of living them with you. Every move i made seems like a mistake I just hope you will see beyone those and forgive me I'll love you forever.
miss you,

Yeah so the poem was semi good but the letter all and all made me cry a week later he left flowers on my seat. Brent hurt me so bad 10 months went downt the drain but whatever i guess. Guys do what they have to, to get what they want. I think it may be a while before i date again.
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10-29-04 9:59pm

Well like i said if he has said stuff in that letter that he said b4 and still hurt you, he will do it again...I mean i dont want you to hurt your an awesome person jessica and no one should treat you badly. I dont know why they would, they have no reason for it. You a such a sweetheart and the people that dont like you can fuck themselves, and for those who hurt you should hurt worse, because they hurt someone who cares about people and there feelings...Jessica, your an awesome friend and dont let any one tell you other wise. You deserve better than this Brent kid. Ok?? trust me...someone else is out there that will treat you with respect and be honest with you..Ok?? I love you lots girl!!
<3 -Heather

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Re:, 11-04-04 5:48am

Wow Heather that just seriously made my day... you are such a sweetie and i hope everything goes well with your situation... I LOVE YOU!

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08-11-05 5:20pm

i fucking Love your icon

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