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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 10-31-2004 at 7:31pm
Current mood: hyper and complete
Music: "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- M. Jackson
Subject: I don't know what I would do without it...
*I know I said I was done updating, but this is too good not to say!*
It being marching band. Somehow, everyone who's ever really commited to marching band will agree. People ask us why we put up with it, that we work too hard and for what? When was the last time someone got a full scholarship to a U.C. because they were a drum major? We do it because we love it, and if you did it you would understand. Competing, even watching, gives you this feeling you can only get from marching band and without it, I'd be nothing...

We had our Live Oak Competition in Salinas, the second one of the season. We did our guard song and across the floors, but Misty wanted to remind us why we're here because we love what we do. So she put on "The Way You Make Me Feel" and did this strut and we had to do the same, then on the way back we were told to do our own sexy walk so, since I was born to strut ;), I had them all hollering and shouting out cat-calls! So much fun, it scarred Katie! I love Katie!!! Anyway, so in we're in Class AAA and also there was Independence and Pasa Robles. Since Independence got sweepstakes, we got 1st!!! WOOT! We ALSO tied Independence for Best General Effect (in our class of course)!!! N-I-C-E!!! I missed Saratoga perform so I didn't get to see Risa perform, but she changed really quickly and found where we were sitting and I got to chat with her for like 30 mins to an hour, so awesome! Not to mention Katie and I decided I'm going to have like, twenty husbands when I grow up and that they are all going to be ex-drum liners ^^ We also had a very interesting shout-down as to whether tenor drums were better than snares, which they are!!! Actually, they're both awesome!!!!

Backing up to Friday, intersectional dinner with Low Brass and Drum Line at Neale's house, we ate pizza and watched Halloween 6 (since the week previous we watched Halloween, I was looking fly since it was HC weekend and I was decked out) and Drum Line. Tiff had Vlad teach her how to play drums and I, in my suttle way *not* flirted with Neale. Lol! Speaking of which, yesterday I'm changing into my uniform and I need someone to zip me and I'm standing with my back to gaurd and the second Carrie stands up to zip me I walk over to Neale and I'm like, "Neale, will you zip me please?" LMAO!!! Katie wouldn't let it go, I seriously had no idea Carrie was getting up to zip me!!! For the rest of the night my convos with Katie ended each topic with:
Me- Too bad I love that too! (replying to Katie saying she liked something)
Katie- I love how you walk past a bunch of girls to get Neale to zip up your uniform!

N-I-C-E Man, I love marching band! I thinking I might do Winter Perc(ussion), don't worry, still doing track no matter what!

OOO! So we come home and this adorable, older bordie collie is in our front yard and so, since I'm nice and all, get something around his collar and go through his five (I mean that literally) tags to find out his address and I took him home. But he got excited b/c he understood what I was doing and took off and I didn't want to yank on his collar so I ran with him, best feeling ever. If I had a big dog that needed excercise, I'd make time to run daily. Too bad I have a cat and love her death, wouldn't trade her for a dog and besides, I tried that excuse for a dog before and it didn't work ^^ heh

And I just carved my pumpkin, wow! So. Much. Fun. And yummmmmm! Pumpkin seeds.... YUMMMMMMMMMM
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