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silversoldier (profile) wrote,
on 11-1-2004 at 8:53pm
Current mood: inconsequential
Music: "Danse Macabre" - Saint-Saens
Subject: Discussions with a long-fated traveller
Seeing that I finally finished Jane Eyre and the parents aren't at the house, I figured this would be as good a time as ever to update. Sure it's been forever since this path has been taken, but at least I've taken the time to re-visit it.
Rather than try to recall the last two months of my life, I'll just not do it, and y'all can pretend like I was dead or something during that time period. That's about how I was feeling, anyway.
This year was an immensely fun Halloween (except that Jessimika was grounded... such is the life). Of course, I can't remember too many of my Halloweens, and last year was spent recovering from a surgery. Real tough comparison, eh? Since I spent about three minutes getting my costume together (the majority of my time had actually been spent doing constructive things, such as washing myself, and the like), I ended up going as a psycho with Bugs Bunny for a head and an Elizabethan dagger as my weapon. Originality is duly noted.
We had dinner at Cattin's and (thankfully) they put us in the back of the restaurant. I wouldn't have been able to stand the smoke. Most of my time at Cattins, I was utterly amazed at how convincing of a woman Colton can be (well, minus the hairy arms). Honestly, he could pull it off, I mean, he fooled the folks at the haunted house.
After Cattin's we went to Holiday Village to get in line for their haunted house. Gwen and I agreed to be partners through it, since we are naturally clingy when we get scared. Unfortunately, we were told we had to go single-file, so I had to drag Gwen behind me while the rest of the group practically ran in front of us. The house wasn't really a scary one. I only jumped twice, once because I couldn't move out of the way of one of the guys with a saw, and the other because some guy hit one of the steel barrels extremely hard when it was right behind me. Oh, and the William Shatner mask really bothered me... Halloween the movie...
Then we went off to the Kranz haunted house, but decided not to stay because the line was too long and just about everyone was smoking around us. We drove to my house, where we sat for about thirty minutes, then went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It was so hilarious to see people's reaction to a bunch of highschoolers asking for candy.
Oh! I guess I haven't officially announced that I'm in The Fantasticks. Woohoo! My first musical, my first time on stage in a major high school production (I don't consider one-acts all that special), and I get the lead. It's madness, I tell you. "I'll drink and gamble. I'll grow a mustache!" - my favorite line
Rehearsals haven't been too bad, though after two and a half weeks we still haven't finished blocking. Plus we don't have the actual stage built yet (it's an intimate play, so instead of using the auditorium stage, we're building a platform in the pit, one that couldn't be built until after all the fall concerts were finished).The play is absolutely fun... quirky... and definitely a product of the sixties... but amazingly fun.
Excuse me for a second... this mosquito bite on my arm just exploded... I don't know how... but I should probably clean it out...
Well that's slightly painful... and still bleeding... but I live on.
I'm truly, desperately, sappilly looking for a relationship. Though I've found the last three years of singleness quite a content time in my life, I'm restless for something to happen. Probably just a burst of sexual energy... I don't know, but I'm certainly feeling something right now.
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11-09-04 2:08am

whos all in the play?

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Re:, 11-09-04 8:33am

Miranda, Bo, Mike, Mark, Megan, Christine, Rachel, and Jordan

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