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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2004 at 4:14pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: Kanye* All Falls Down

No marching band..Twp beat McCorristin =D 41-28 ...yeaaa boii...the word for it
championships, no comment, but my internet's back =D ..


I'm not old enough to vote...and that sucks because if they ban abortion..and teaching contraception and grr... yea we'll see but when I'm 19 I can vote..yeaa buddy bye now

he's like that never ending match that keeps on flamin and u step on it so many times, plus it's rainin..but he'll never go away..and do u mind that much?.. uhm no .. :/
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11-02-04 9:39pm

I had school today but I didn't go because I felt like shit.

I want to vote sooo badly. Yeah, Bush will ban abortion and teaching contraception. Kids will be learning about abstinence so they will go out and have sex without condoms because they will not be learning about them, arggghhh

Can't vote till I'm 20, this sucks :(

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Re:, 11-04-04 4:51pm it's his fault for people who're gonna have illegal abortions and die..but yes Bush's whole plan is -stupid-..I can't vote for the next president til I'm 19..WHO WILL NOT BE BUSH lol can't wait

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