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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 11-2-2004 at 5:44pm
Staying home from school is the best. Wow. Do I ever feel rejuvinated. I love getting out of bed and just watching TV all day. I hate having to do homework you know you missed. I hate essays. I love candy. I've got to go clean now. Did I mention I hate cleaning?
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11-02-04 6:50pm

Hahaha! I started getting kind of worried because I remember you saying something about going to the house, so I thought maybe you fell through the floor!
Well I'm glad you're okay- SKIPPER!
<3 ya

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11-02-04 7:41pm

gah. I bet you miss me as far as cleaning goes. ;-)

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11-03-04 9:02am

i missed you sooooooo much.
i really hate when you are gone.

i love you becca with all of my heart.

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NEVER AGAIN, 11-03-04 1:02pm

Wow. I'll never be sick again. You guys need me too much. I feel loved- Jess... Hil- especially with your hands in my pants right now.

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Re: NEVER AGAIN, 11-04-04 1:23pm

you silly girl
i love ya

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