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greenpixiestix (profile) wrote,
on 11-8-2004 at 5:03pm
Music: Diesel Boy - Lime Green
Subject: she's hot... yeah, if you like clowns...
I gave in and stopped studying to watch Freaks & Geeks. "Noshing and Moshing" is a great episode, with the music of Black Flag, X, and a special appearance by Diesel Boy. So what if Diesel Boy wasn't around in 1980-81? It serves its purpose.

Cor got me The Portable Dorothy Parker so I'm a very happy little girl.

It's so darn cold, and I'm so very alone. Well, that's what a day of studying is for, so I should probably get back to that...
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11-10-04 9:32pm

i'm buying a new car...what should my license plate say:


how could i abbreviate BONUS CUP?

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