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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 11-12-2004 at 10:52pm
Music: watchin tv
Hey guys! I'm at Shama's house. I came home with her after school today. At about 5:30 Cody came over and took as to the mall. We seen the Grudge. We met up with Sarah and Dustin. Before we went in, we seen Heather, Troy, Brittany, and Mike. I thought the movie was really scary. I think Sarah and Dustin did too. No1 else was really scared. During most of the movie I grabbed Shama's hand and squeezed it. I have had a lot of fun. Shama and Cody are in her room alone right's pretty awkward for me but oh well...I guess they r just scroggin. I am so unloved...Well, I'ma go and watch tv. Bye Bye!!!

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11-13-04 12:12am

Jenn...there was no scroggin goin on. I feel bad now, you coulda came in there lol. You know we love you. You're the greatest. You know what I be sayin? I'm speakin for myself, and Cody!!

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Re:, 11-13-04 9:49pm

Hey...thats sweet of you my darling love...right now ur in my room...tellin me to hurry up and come with u 2 the kitchen cuz ur afraid...haha...well i shall talk to u in like 5 seconds cuz ur right by bye!!

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