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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 12:35am
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Sade* Kiss of Life
Okay so the "best night of my life in a long time" [yesterday] didn't happen, but that's okay..because Friday sure did :) was gonna be the best nite cuz I was gonna FINALLY have my first realll free marching band nite but .. I we'll y'all see on Monday.

Friday was hilarious I cried four times because of laughter.. and uhm.. yea other stuff :)

we lost ::tear:: but hey! We're 8-3
Township vs Point Pleasant Borough 24-30 Group II Semifinals..

I love you guys.. [my seniors in bold]..good job this season

#75 Mychal B [im prolly gonna cry when he graduates], #18 Dougie, #30 Roger, #80 Mike , #81 David L , #34 Bobby, #38 John, #83 Matt H [my white boyfriend #...2?]

I got another man but heaint like you..
ooh..Friday...Friday Friday... after school was terrible.. yo some bitch robbed me on Wednesday .. I'ma find out who tho.. yo my lab bio class..let's jump that heipher! lol.. but yea.. I'm goin to see the Matchmaker my lonesome self..Im mad tired tho so they better keep me up. Okay I'm gonna go call Edmond and write my note..aiight bye.

5 months!
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