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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 8:06pm
omg i met this relly cute guy a little over a week ago. hes nice, cute, has a great voice, and ive been talking to him almost everyday since i started talking to him. its crazy how much u can like a person that uve never even talked to in person b4. i saw him at states wen both our bands were going to the bathroom, but we didnt talk. i cant believe i was soo close to him, but didnt even get to say "hi". the day wen i get my license will be great. cuz im going to drive and see him. either that or he can come here. im only 5 days older than him, which is kinda cool. everyday we find sumthing new and interesting to talk about. i never know what will come up. and i like that.
thats all. i jst needed to get that out
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