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Reigning (profile) wrote,
on 11-21-2004 at 11:03pm
I stayed up an hour later than I wanted to writing this dumb thing, so I had to post it. I'll try revising it tomorrow, because I think it could be a lot better.. somehow. But I'm too tired to do it tonight.

One by one they leave me
I'm here pondering my life
I know they're pretending they can't see
Mindless, meaningless, useless strife

I can't seem to stop sighing
Will I ever feel resolve?
Whining, wishing, writing, crying
I wonder if I help the world at all

Two by two they're leaving again
I thought I felt lonely before
Hated, heartless, hideous has-been
Neglecting a terminal sore

Here is the heavy silent mist
I'm fragile, and fearing this fact
My words are sounding crisp
And my lips are growing cracked

Three by three I'm more alone
Reality is becoming distant
A captivating thought is my new home
Eternal love?-I must've missed it

What is happening to me
Peculiar sounds fill my head
There's an image I constantly see
And it's always coated in red

Four by four I'm feeling hollow
There's a figure up ahead
In his wake a buzzing follows
And my thoughts are filled with dread

Hello, hello, who are you?
What is that you say?
Nonsense, insanity, lunacy too!
You think in the most curious way

Five by five they leave my side
It's just you and me now, friend
You're always there, not once have you lied
Who says this plan is pretend

Why do I feel such delightful glee
Hello little man in my head
I've got a knife, soon they'll see
How the worms are fed!

Six by six I chop and bash
I'm swimming in their repent
Swish, slice, slaughter and slash
Over a river of red I'm bent

Wait a moment here
You're not laughing with me
Friend, is this what I fear?
No no, it can't, it can't be!

At me you laugh mockingly
And the blood on my hands appear
Twisting, taunting, terrible trickery
For once, the evil in your voice I hear

Bodies, corpses, cadavers galore
Panic ensues, and I cannot think
Curse me and my mind no more
Serpent, to the bowels of hell you'll sink

Do not refuse my order
Go away with your horrendous acts
No? no?! You retort, sir?
You forget what your beastly essence lacks

"A body, fool!" And I reach my arms out
The point of the knife at my chest
Releasing one last agonizing shout
Among these bodies I rest
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11-22-04 6:31am

That was really good, especially the ending. I liked the rhythm.

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11-22-04 3:39pm

Mindless, meaningless, useless strife

I liked the lines like that. I like how long it is and that you keep the same idea through the whole thing. The ending is pretty cool too.

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