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Sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2004 at 1:13pm
I am just so glad it is not raining today. Rainny days really put a damper on my moods. I love being happy and awake. I really have not felt that way in a while...

I hope work on Thurs. is not to boring with cleaning and the like or wlse I will regret not taking it off to sleep. Hmmm....

Aww.. I want to Bowl. It is fun and I haven't been bowling for like a year. I'm not to good but that's okay. Gotta go.
Homework at school calls.
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11-22-04 2:16pm

at least i'll be there and so will nick d. and branden and kyle and andrew i think. so it will be fun. hopefully steph isn't working. that would just ruin it all. but i couldn't imagin her working at that time on Thanksgiving.

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11-22-04 3:16pm

maybe that's why you always want to kill people.

it's just to vent the frustration you acquire from the plurality of your "moods."

i know i always feel particularly violent when experiencing too many emotions simultaneously.

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11-22-04 8:22pm

rainy days= horrible days

sunny days=
great days

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Re:, 11-23-04 12:07pm

Toooo True!!!

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