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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 11-24-2004 at 8:57pm
Current mood: relaxed
Music: maroon 5: sunday morning
Subject: yeah...
yeah so i got my report card yesterday... i have know no one cares but i have nothing to write about but i got all A's ...fez is really cute...hes so lovable and im so excited lol. yeah so...i have today off of school and i love sleeping in. tomorrw im going with my dad to my aunts for thamksgioving. yep..thats my boring life...

xox darien
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11-24-04 9:22pm

I got my report card yesterday too.

Have fun on thanksgiving. I'm not going anywhere.

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Re:, 11-24-04 10:58pm

hahah good job on your report card! pep rally was AMAZING!! i wish you were there.. we had soooo much fun.. all A's huh.. wowww man even in science?!?!?! thats suprising little missy! lol jkjk

(its probobly becasue you dont stroke the desks)


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Re: Re:, 11-25-04 11:03pm

i miss you so much. i wish i was there too. happy thanksgiving... i love u and cant wait to see youy hopefully sometime soon

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11-28-04 11:09am

smart shit!!!

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