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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 9:28pm
Current mood: sick and tired
Music: underoath
Subject: i feel like tearing it open tonight, tonight.
thanksgiving... whoo

just got home from my gg's.. wasnt really PLANNIN on goin since im crazy sick but yeah, i guess it turned out that way. i went to bed at like, i dont know, say 12:3O last night. and i kept waking up every hour choking on my spit. it was disgusting. so yea, i couldnt sleep. ended up getting on here at like fuckin 9 in the morning. talked to my mom for like an hour -- fuckkkkk i gotta call her..anyway .. um whenever i was done talking to her i went back to sleep because i didnt feel good. woke up like every 2O minutes cus i was havin trouble breathing =\.. then i woke up for good at like.. i dont know.. like 12. .. talked on here a little. got in the shower by like 2:3O and then when i got out and ready and all. left to go to my gg's. got there around 4 and stayed until .. 8:3O .. got home around 9. now im drinking my tea haha. .. well just got off the phone wiht my mom too .. shes moving up here? .. [haaaa] .. ANYWAY.. im goin .. cus i had the intention of making it a good update but theres nothin to say .. laterr

partys in a week --- give me your 3 bucks by tuesday so i can go get the stuff!!.. its better to pay ahead bc then i can get it before hand .. if everyone pays at the door, you lose 2 bucks and youll be here before the drinks and all .. thatll be gay. GIVE ME 3 BUCKSS AHEAD OF TIMEEEE.. wooo im almost 16!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. gettin a car this time next year! HOLY SHITT !!! =D..
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