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User:THEhairybeast (user# 13052)
Location: Winslow, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:Silenced x Kid [add buddy]
Bio:hm - hello there=). im vee and thats pretty much it. my names real long and all so vees all you need to know lol - uhh i hang with guys mostly - like sams probably the only girl i can stand for more then a day - um i have a shitty home life and there is no love life - it doesnt exist.. same goes for my sex life .. uh im 15 and if you want to know what i look like read one of the surveys anywhere in my journal - cus i dont feel like gettin into it..
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Interests:(16) aim =)=), animals, beatin up ppl who need to be beat up, cars, chillin, clothes, computer =), food yesss, friends, guys, money, music, sam, SHIT, sleeping =), tv
Created:2003-09-20 18:34:41
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