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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 11-25-2004 at 10:19pm
Current mood: chillin
Music: MSI - tornado
Subject: you're just like all of the rest
whats up kids? just chillin here at the apartment. kinda bored. halo2 party the other night was kickass. had some fun, drank a little. it was good to see people again. thanksgiving was pretty good. i spent it with stacy and her family. i didnt wanna spend it alone at home so that's where i went. my family isnt big at all and they had other plans so yeah. but shits good. im doing pretty good here, things are picking up. im looking forward to getting a job soon. hoping to have another party soon, so ill talk to nate and give some info hopefully. but other than all that, not much has been going down. i miss you all, hope things are going good. i guess ill be going now, later.


p.s. feel free to show up if you're bored..soon!
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11-25-04 11:18pm

hey man, i was serious about the pic i want you to draw, and like i said i'll pay you for it

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