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glitterkisses (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 6:43pm
Everythings a bet and I'm the only one losing because no one else could ever win this bet against me. Because no one understands enough to try. Understands that no matter how hard you try, for others , for even yourself that it never works out it never counts or turns out the way you want it too. That somehow you always screw things up, even when you're trying so hard to make it the secret dream you keep deep down, just wishing and praying to come true. When you won't admit it , but you want something serious more than anyone would ever have guessed.

It's a bet, and I wish someone else would try to win it against me. Just to hear the words, I win.


No one even possiably understands at all.

<3 Jess
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11-28-04 7:58pm

I LOVE YOU!! I bet you are getting sick of all these I love you comments but at least now you know right ;)

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Re:, 11-28-04 8:36pm

I love you too K! I don' tknow where I'd be without, I mean lol not just like without a home, but like in my life lol ;)

lov ya sis

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