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:: 2006 20 May :: 1.15 pm
:: Mood: tired

Its been a long time since I wrote in here. Yesterday was the best day of my life. So far anyway. It was the last day of high school, which I have been waiting for for the longest time and it was nate and I's one year and six months. I cant beleive we have been dating for a year and a half. Its been the best year and a half of my life!!! We went to the Oasis and out to dinner. I love the Oasis it is my new favorite place. Its just so relaxing. So if you havent been there i really suggest it. Next week I really have to start looking for a job uhhh. I hate working but If I am going to buy a car I have to be working. The real life!!!! I cant wait to go to college its going to be so new and excited!!! And its not in Cedar Springs so thats a bigger plus. Well for anyone who didnt get an invite to my open house you are welcome to come. Its June 10th just like everyone else from 2-6!!! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!

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:: 2005 29 December :: 4.37 pm
:: Mood: lazy


If anyone cares thats the promise ring Nathan gave me for christmas!! Its so pretty. I love it and I love him. I am having a great christmas break but I just dont want to go back. But if you think about it its just about 4 months and then I am out of here. Which is the best thing ever. I am so excited for college. I am just glad that I found Baker its just so perfect for me and its going to be great because nate will be there with me. Well everyone have a good and safe new year!!

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:: 2005 20 November :: 7.44 pm
:: Mood: cheerful

Yesterday was me and nates one year anniversary!!! It was wonderful. Nothing to big just dinner and hanging out. Well my necklace that was supost to be for our anniversary but I got it like 2 months before. :) I am the happiest that I have ever been!!

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:: 2005 20 September :: 8.08 pm
:: Mood: tired

Its been awhile since I wrote in here but everything is going really good. Working at the Tanning place 3 days a week and working at the farm 3 days a week too kinda sucks but what can ya do. I need money. I have worked at the tanning place for about a month and I love it, its so much fun. Working at the farm sucks but its good money and its only for about a month. It was nates 17th birthday a couple a days ago and then yesterday was our 10 month anniversary!! He got me a dozen pink roses, a box of chocolate and a glitter/lava lamp thing. Oh he is just so good to me!! I love him so much. Well I guess since I have talked about work and my love life I guess I should talk about school. I really hate school. I hate waking up and most of all I hate spanish 4. Its the worst. Alls I want right now is to be done with high school and move on. I wanna start my life. Its just so boring. The only thing I like about high school is the dances and I am really not even that excited about homecoming. Its weird. I know I will get more excited as it comes closer and plus I will be with the sexy boy ever. hehehe!! So I guess I have rambled on about nothing for long enough now.

P.S If anyone knows how to put pictures on here let me know because I wanna put my senior pics on here. Thanks

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:: 2005 15 July :: 5.48 pm

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:: 2005 4 May :: 3.58 pm
:: Mood: loved

I have the best boyfriend!! He is more than I have ever dreamed of!!

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:: 2005 17 April :: 12.48 pm

I Love my boo!!! And Jess I love you hun. I will always be here for you. I love you!!

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:: 2005 16 February :: 3.18 pm

Valentines was the best! He took me to Taco Bell. YUMMY! And then suprized me with even more gifts. A teddybear that had chocolates with it and some more flowers. oh he is the best!!

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:: 2005 13 February :: 7.03 pm

Everything about last night was just perfect. Me and Nate went to swirl and I had the best time ever. This was by far the best dance ever. It was like there was no one else in the room and it was just the two of us dancing. When we were slow dancing is was just so magical. The way that he just looked at me and twirled me and twisted me it was so cute. He is just so cute and perfect for me. No guy has ever made me laugh so much we just always have such a great time together no matter what we are doing. Well after the dance we went back to his house and I stayed the night there and he gave me my valentines present early because he said it was the perfect time. He gave me a singing dog, some chocolate and some heart gum. It was the cutest thing ever. The night was just so....perfect. I have never had a guy care about me so much its unreal. The way we just laid there sleeping holding eachother. Tomorrow for valentines he wanted to take me to Olive Garden because its my favorite place but I decided that I wanted to go to Taco Bell. I am so excited for it!!!


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:: 2005 10 February :: 9.04 pm

Tonight was perfect but then again every night with him is perfect. I can not even explain how much I love him. I have never been so happy!

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:: 2005 4 February :: 3.31 pm

I am so excited for Spring Hill. I am gald to get away from everything and just have a really really fun time. yup and thats about all I have to say..

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:: 2005 1 February :: 9.44 pm

Today started out really bad and ended up being great. At school just sucked everyone was getting on my nerves and I was Just getting frustrated with everything and everyone. And when I got home my dad needed me to do something for him online but is out of town and i tryed to figure it out but couldnt and then my mom found out later that you have to do it over the phone ya thanks alot dad. And then the whole thing with the cat. uh I am not even going to go into details with that. But the whole computer thing was the last straw. That was it I couldnt take it I just started crying and then couldnt stop and nate came over and helped me out then we went back to his house. I realized how much he really loves me and cares for me. He is the best thing that has happend to me in a long long time. I always think something bad like he doesnt love me and just stupid stuff like that but I am always so wrong, he loves me so much!!

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:: 2005 27 January :: 7.21 pm

Last night was by far the scariest nights ever. I got a call from nate and he was umm a little different, he wasnt making much sense and then cody got on the phone and said that he got a concusion when they were snowboarding. So I talked to nates dad and we had to bring him to the hospital because he couldnt remember anything. He had to get a catscan and an x-ray of his back. I was at the hospital for about 5 hours with nate. It was the hardest thing to see him like that. He had no idea what was going on he knew who i was but didnt know if we were going out and for how long. I just loved how he came right to me for help and for comfort. Cody told me that all he kept saying was that he couldnt wait to get home and to call me. I am just so glad that he is getting better and starting to remember things. I was so scared. Seeing him like that just made me crazy. I love him to death and would do anything for him. So I didnt get home until like 12 from the hospital and didnt fall asleep until 1:30 and then woke up at 5:40 for fucking school uhh I am so tired. But it all got better because I left after 3rd hour to go over to nates and stayed with him to make sure he was ok and lol waited on him all night, but it is all worth it. But I am really ready for a good night sleep.

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:: 2005 20 January :: 12.16 pm

So I am just sitting in 4th hour and have nothing better to do so I thought I would just say that Yesterday was me and nates two months and it was just so perfect. I love him!!!

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:: 2005 18 January :: 4.47 pm

I really don't have much to say but life has just been really great lately. I was thinking alot about me and nate today and not only do I love him I love everything about our realationship. I just think it is so great and I think we make a great couple because we have been friends for so long that we are just comfort with eachother. I love his personality, I think we just fit together so well. And I love his family hehe I just love everything about it.

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