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lilschaub (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2005 at 7:21pm
Last night was by far the scariest nights ever. I got a call from nate and he was umm a little different, he wasnt making much sense and then cody got on the phone and said that he got a concusion when they were snowboarding. So I talked to nates dad and we had to bring him to the hospital because he couldnt remember anything. He had to get a catscan and an x-ray of his back. I was at the hospital for about 5 hours with nate. It was the hardest thing to see him like that. He had no idea what was going on he knew who i was but didnt know if we were going out and for how long. I just loved how he came right to me for help and for comfort. Cody told me that all he kept saying was that he couldnt wait to get home and to call me. I am just so glad that he is getting better and starting to remember things. I was so scared. Seeing him like that just made me crazy. I love him to death and would do anything for him. So I didnt get home until like 12 from the hospital and didnt fall asleep until 1:30 and then woke up at 5:40 for fucking school uhh I am so tired. But it all got better because I left after 3rd hour to go over to nates and stayed with him to make sure he was ok and lol waited on him all night, but it is all worth it. But I am really ready for a good night sleep.
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01-28-05 1:42pm

Aww i love you sweetie pie! That shower thing, it's realllllllll hot you don't even know. I want that. Why can't i have that/\? grrr *boys* are dumb dumb dumb, funny how we still love them though.

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Re:, 01-28-05 8:44pm

Lol that the shower thing was pretty bomb!! Its a must.

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