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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2004 at 7:16pm
Current mood: full
Music: DC* Soldier
Subject: I'm home!

So from Weds --> Sat I was at Peach's w/ Javonne's family in Chambersburg..we was in da country :) We did a cute black boy survey... 0 for 3... yes out of three black boys we saw, 0 were cute! ahhh! lol So many many pillow fites w/ the kids, Jivvy, & Chad it was crazy. Don't feel like typin in details.

Yup, I just got back from Charlie Brown's w/ Ma & Jerry. Then I went to Target and bought sum gum & the Destiny's Child CD.. all I need now is the Ludacris cd.


Start of managing for boys' basketball... we about to f*ck boy.. =D yea Chad, Jinelle, & I had a sex talk it was funny and uhm...yeah interesting. "courtney u shouldn't f*ck anymore people" "im a virgin" "nigga didn't she jus tell you that?!" haha...ooh yes...I FINALLY HAVE DIGITAL CABLE ... yea I woke up this morning cuz I had a horrible dream. Edmond, Mastin, & my lil bro died...oh Lord I was a mess..and I ended up f*ckin boy...because I was so upset about everything. Okay i'm gonna go now..bye bye
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