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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2004 at 12:38am
I'm thinking since I'm not doing anything for the play anymore I'd go to the concert and have a little fun. Maybe. I'll check with the husband.Hope he says yes.

Do you think there is still anytickets for the concert left or is it a buy ahead of time thing?
You know what- I'll talk to you in person.
Everything's easier that way.

I really am pretty bored. I think I'll get another journal or something. I guess I'll see. Xenga?
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12-02-04 12:45pm

Xanga is the best!!!

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Re:, 12-02-04 2:14pm

ewwww xanga sucks.

Get one at or smog (

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12-02-04 2:26pm

yes there are more tickets I will get you one today if you want all I am doing is going to the play, NO WORK!!! its great.

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12-13-04 12:45pm

sorry about snappin' at cha a little while ago. :-(

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Re:, 12-13-04 1:10pm

I deserved it- sorry to.

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