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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2004 at 8:46pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: LuDa [!!]* Poison
Subject: 4mo & 2wks til 16! & Taylor are super crazy. That's why I'm gonna marry her, I don't care if she's a girl I f*cking love my a problem...SQUARE UP! =D But yes...I got the Nasir Jones CD...the Destiny's Child CD..only one left ChRiS bRiDgEs aka LuDa! But I've decided I want a good, smart black [strike that, boy in general] boy that's like me but actually dedicated & we get along. A D-type of fella!

TaylorDuzer (8:33:56 PM): lol we should go to the mall and test this new technique out
Lushuz X anjeL (8:33:57 PM): ..::cough:: ::censor:: he looks good, but he's SO not the D type! lol
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:00 PM): yessss
TaylorDuzer (8:34:06 PM): lol sorry girl
TaylorDuzer (8:34:07 PM): hes not
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:14 PM): i was being serious tho lol
TaylorDuzer (8:34:20 PM): and i disagree wit the first part
TaylorDuzer (8:34:23 PM): but anyway
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:23 PM): hey..i've got until december 27
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:26 PM): okay heifer lol
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:30 PM): mr. ::censor:: is sooooo gorgeous
TaylorDuzer (8:34:37 PM): and he is the D type
TaylorDuzer (8:34:39 PM): lmao
TaylorDuzer (8:34:40 PM): suckaaaaaaaaa
TaylorDuzer (8:34:46 PM): lma
TaylorDuzer (8:34:50 PM): u kno im right
Lushuz X anjeL (8:34:53 PM): ahhhhh
Lushuz X anjeL (8:35:07 PM): no he's not at least u noe d type boy has a freaky side
Lushuz X anjeL (8:35:15 PM): wit mr. gorgeous, he's preppy and cute that's it
Auto response from TaylorDuzer (8:35:15 PM): lmao - BUT U KNO HE IS THE "D-Type"

TaylorDuzer (8:35:52 PM): im sure georgous has a freaky side

Auto response from Lushuz X anjeL (8:35:52 PM): TAYLOR! He may be D-type but he's a no type situation he's a yes but not a

TaylorDuzer (8:36:04 PM): LMAO
Lushuz X anjeL (8:37:54 PM): :-)

So yea, I held a Mr. BTHS meeting today. It was nice and everything. Top 9 @ 9 is comin up..yay but yea...our school ran out of the damn cream of chicken soup..Ima kill somebody ova that. I had to choke Daniel up because he got the last one. I think I cut him too...he said I did. Boys beat Flo-town in the scrimmage..and then Me, Michele, & Bobby talked for like a couple minutes and I took them home. I love Shelly too but yea..uhm I guess that's all. Yo... I wanna see Fat Albert & Ray! AHHH!!!
rollout!! i love Chris!!

LadiePerfection (8:51:14 PM): hi
LadiePerfection (8:51:15 PM): lol
Lushuz X anjeL (8:51:16 PM): hey
Auto response from LadiePerfection (8:51:16 PM): talkin to ISA, who is more important than u. LOL (no one is more important than u)

Lushuz X anjeL (8:51:22 PM): :-)
LadiePerfection (8:51:25 PM): :-D
Lushuz X anjeL (8:51:31 PM): aww booboo... :-[ im blushin..
Auto response from LadiePerfection (8:51:31 PM): talkin to ISA, who is more important than u. LOL (no one is more important than u)

LadiePerfection (8:51:36 PM): lmao
LadiePerfection (8:51:37 PM): ehehe
LadiePerfection (8:51:39 PM): i love u
Lushuz X anjeL (8:51:42 PM): muah :-)

Yes, that's my f*ckin bestest buddy, well one of them, two future drum majorettes [hopefully!]

*real eyez...realize...real eyez*
my eyes are tellin me it could be you..
One <3
c o u r t n e y
goodies make the boys jump on it
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