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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-8-2004 at 12:28am
Current mood: groggy
Music: Jada & Mariah* U Make Me Wanna
Well, I'm in SRE and I've got like maybe 10 minutes left. And I'm bored...and tired but it's so damn loud and here you wouldn't be able to. Lunch was fun, and I'm dumping my date on Saturday for a party but I see him every day [which is -oh- so nice] it's all good. Maybe we could chill and..he cud go shoppin with me! *ding ding ding* that'd be fun...but yea I've got FBLA...I don't wanna leave Staci @ practice but Madmoiselle Secretary's gotta be there..yep yep. Everything is so good right now...except my thumb hurts extremely bad and I got a semi case of soup burn on my tongue. We had a talk about colleges in lunch [me, Taylor, Inara, & Kazeem] and bio was fun...pre calc was boring.. in Spanish I took a quiz...we already know how French's gonna be. I gotta buy Edmond's present soon. It's only been 3 minutes of typing, that's crazy. I know sum soldiers in here... lalala okay I'm gonna go read some more on the message board. Bye.

"Taylor, f*ck findin a black guy, I wanna date a white guy, it's been awhile" "You're not attracted to them" "...wat..." "They couldn't handle you" "what" ... ::turn to my brother's table:: "Poll time, can a white guy handle me y'all?" "No.." "yes" "yes".."thank why cant they handle me taylor" "because you're not attracted to them" "i love them!" ::pat rubs my back:: "see" I love them.

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