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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 12-10-2004 at 6:23pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: Rock No Gyakusuu - Miyavi
Okeedokie! Tis Friday! And tomorrow is the Winter Ball! Oh joy in my freaking heart. I want to go, but the whole fancy dress thing is kinda weird for me. I would like to be seen in public as little as possible.

Today was today. Talked a bunch about the Odyssey in English. She assigned each group a god to draw a picture of and write a bit of info on. I wanted Hermes really badly, so she was nice and put him in. Then though, there weren't enough important gods assigned to the groups. Apollo, Dionysus, and I forget who else were left behind unintentionally. When she discovered that there were more gods then there were groups, or at least that the important gods had been somewhat neglected, she said, "We have to take a few off. So I'm going to take off... Hermes"
"NO! Not Hermes!" said I!
She said that she was sorry and that Dionysus and the other dude were more important than Hermes. But then someone spoke up and said that they would take on another one, then another group said they would do the same, and then a third group. They saved Hermes for me!
I was thinking: "Aww. Thanks guys! You saved Hermes for me!"

Twas very cool. Then I felt kinda bad because we didn't take on two gods. But it was very nice of them. I was with Diana in my pair, and the thing about us is that we both like to draw, and it's hard for us to decide what to make hermes look like. We brainstormed the way he would look for a while before we even started attempting anything.

After school I had about an hour to spare, so I went with Erin, Darya, and Kiley down to San Jose State and raided their Jamaba Juice. Stupid people don't accept the gift cards. As we were waiting to cross the street they started talking about that movie "Bowling for Columbine."
"That's a good movie"
"yeah it is"
"I haven't seen it. I really want to."
Michael Moore makes me sick. That fat bastard can go drown in a sea of donuts for all I care. He should spare us all and stop making those movies of his.
But yush. Just a little annoyance of mine.

We got back and I sat outside of Manley Hall (teehee. Fonny name). Nicola came by and said that she was going to email Mr. McCaw, our drama teacher and play directorwith some questions she had. Now, just to catch up, I tried out for the spring musical and got called back. However, the cast list isn't supposed to be posted until monday or tuesday. So I asked Nicola jokingly if she'd ask Mr. McCaw if I got a part in the play because I wanted to know.
The play we are doing by the way, is Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
A little bit later I went into the lobby and was headed to the library to see what erin and darya were doing in there, when Mr. McCaw came in and called my name.
"Nicola just sent me an email saying that you wanted to know if you got a part in the play."
"Oh yeah," I said and smiled sheepishly. I didn't really expect him to tell me anyway.
But instead he said "Come here." So I went over with him kinda near the beginning of the hallway that leads off to the computer labs in Manley Hall.
I notice he glanced around a bit. "I'm not going to have the cast list posted until probably Tuesday with the way this is going because there are a lot of people to cast. Now, I've gotten your permission slip from your parents, and I haven't received any objections from any of your teachers, so things are looking okay. You can't tell anyone, but you're Joseph."

I was so happy! I mean, when you think about it, I am a freshman, and got the lead of the spring musical, which is the biggest dramatic production of the year. I'm so freaking happy. It's a really big accomplishment for me.

However, I have said that i would not tell anyone at school until the cast list is posted, so Marilyn, you can't mention this to anyone if the cast list isnt posted on Monday.

Yush I am so very happy. I will do a dance of happiness.
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12-12-04 4:39am

Hey. I'm Keriana, and you seem cool. And we have similar intrests! And you're literate! And, oddly interesting.

And I adore your background.

Mind if I add you to my friends list? ^^

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Re:, 12-12-04 3:28pm

Hiya Keriana-san! Sure you can add me to your friends list. I shall do the same for you ^.^ I feel so special.
*shniff* it brings tears to my eyes say I!
By the way, your icon is mucho purdy!
Tootles and ja ne!

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Re: Re:, 12-12-04 4:46pm

"Michael Moore makes me sick."

I absolutely adore you for saying that!!


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Re: Re: Re:, 12-20-04 4:30pm

lol It's true though. XD

He truly is a sickening man lol.


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12-12-04 9:51pm

WOO HOO DUDE! CONGRATS JESSICA! I'm so proud of you *sniffle* I need a tissue. Thats really cool. Mr. McCaw is very nice. Thats kinda...unbelievable. Not because I dont think you deserve it but because all the jr.'s and sr's probably think they should have gotten it but your so talented that you earned it. Yup yup. You better watch out when the thing is posted cause the other jealous students will try and beat you up and stuff so that won't be fun.

Well I hope you had fun at the winter ball. I was in downtown right as it was starting at Christmas in the Park and I thought of you cause it was right down the street. (that makes me sound all stalker crazieish but you know what i mean.)
I'm gonna go now dude bye!

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Re:, 12-20-04 4:37pm

Yes I am so happy-filled and shtuff! It will be cool, but stressful. Dude this vacation is passing by too quickly. it's the 3rd day already! *bites nails*
Must enjoy and feel all warm and christmas-y!
No thinking of schooooooooool.

Und ja, I did have lots o' fun at the winter ball. I still think I was hearing things when you and Allison were talking with eachother, but I think I was going crazy. BLAST ME AND MY STRANGE HALLUCIONATIONS!

How was Christmas in the Park? I think i remember you telling me it was boring, but I just felt like asking again. Was the ice skating rink thing purdy?

Well I must be off! Cheerio, ol' chap!

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12-20-04 1:13am

-Points.- Tohru.. Is that.. Kisa beside her? Can't see it ><

I love your background! Furuba ROCKS!

Just had to type that.

Oh, and pretty much your entire journal rocks. Just letting you know. ^^;

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Re:, 12-20-04 4:41pm

XDD Furuba! I lurf that anime! Yes indeed, it is a purdy one. Methinks my background though is from DN Angel, but meh, doesn't really matter ^.^
Furuba is pretty much one of my all-time favorite animes. I was wondering.. hmmm.. I have a Furuba RPG on We need more characters. If you think you know them well enough, maybe you could be one. Twould be mucho helpful if you would! Tell me if you'd like to and I shall send you the shtuff. Okeedokie? Okeedokie.

btw, may I add you to my friends list?

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Re: Re:, 12-25-04 2:49am

Sorry it took so long to reply! XD I hardly ever check my Yahoo e-mail!

I don't know how dependable I'd be with an RPG! A couple of my friends might be interested too! I'll tell them about it if you want?

Sure! Add away! ^_^

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12-22-04 6:30pm

You are quite the popular one, I've heard...

Online and at school


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Re:, 12-22-04 6:57pm

Ne? where didst thou hear that? O.o

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Re: Re:, 12-22-04 8:41pm



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