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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2004 at 2:25pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: chobits soundtrack + i hear you everywhere
Subject: ufufufu
Hey look! Elizabeth has a woohu account! Um... woo hoo! XD

Thank you Brooke for the invite code!

Just as a warning, I really won't be using this thing all that much, since I have my beloved livejournal instead, but I thought I could use it to keep up with buddies here.. so I don't have to post annoymously anymore (and forget to sign my name, which I've done five kajillion times, ufufufufu~~ :P)

Lauren, Amelia, Alex, Brooke? Would you mind terribly acquainting me with your dear friends? I'd like to meet them ^^ (and I need friends *is bricked*)

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12-11-04 5:39pm

I just got a journal here myself, I need some friends. lol. I sound really desperate. =) -XoXo- <3

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Re:, 12-11-04 5:44pm

hehe, that's alright. we can be woohu n00b buddies ^^

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12-11-04 8:07pm

I like your journal colors.

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Re:, 12-11-04 8:56pm

thank you ^^

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12-11-04 10:50pm

I think you've already met me..


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Re:, 12-12-04 4:27am

yes, i believe i have :)

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