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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2004 at 5:39pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: Nasir Jones* Briding The Gap
Subject: Mystery Time: WHO TRIED TO KILL MY MOMMY [wasn't me this time]

"In little Africa is where we live, better known as Queens"

See I come from Detroit City, I was young and real real little. Ended up in New Jersey, where I met first love. He said "cookie will u marry me?", so happy I said yes. And then 9 months later..all of it's gone away.

**not all true lol, it aint all go away, it jus fit

So yes, today was uniform day for the I got up early on a Saturday..but I already took my hair out last nite. Then I had to walk for 10 minutes cuz my mom's car had an accident. The po po said they think suttin hit it/was shot @ the car. Luckily it was in the back but what had happened was THE WHOLE BACKWINDOW was one biggg ass hole! So we went to the glass place...and then came home saw a little of Far And Away. Me & my ma realized she cuda died. We're gonna blame the school cuz if I aint hafta go to practice it wudn't of happened, lol.

Went to the mall from 11:45-2:30. Got my nails done..went shoppin for **'s X-mas gift for the party, went shoppin for ME, went to the hair store. I got a flat iron! and weave! :) When we got home my mom realized she lost the fone, she actually noticed it at the nail place. So, then she pressed my hair. It's longerrr...haha..I wanna cut it tho! Then I flat iron curled it. And it looks so damn cute but now it's wrapped up in my new magic's purple.. the old one's pink. Javonne saw my friend [yummy..] and my ma cooked me chicken!

So now I'm off to go get ready for the party and listen to MORE Spanish Reggae &'s so hot and crazy. Yesterday wuda been 10 months y'all... at least I have the team dinner to look forward to :)

4months & 1o days til 16!

c o u r t n e y
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