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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2004 at 11:15am
Current mood: ew
Music: the used
Subject: honestly --
you know you hate when you see the same thing in one person that you hated in another. and all along you were thinking it was different, no way there could be two of them. and then you start to think, maybe its not them - maybe its me. because what are the chances of it happening twice? pretty slim if you ask me. which leads me to my mood of 'ew'. i dont like to think that its me but its a possibility and thats whats gay. and nobody knows what im talking about unless you were there, and nobody was there. so dont worry about it. im not even gonna bother with it. its no big deal - i mean im trying not to make it a big deal. but it keeps coming up so how does that make anything easier. its ridiculous. im beginning to hate this 'seen this once before' bullshit. .. and people say they wanna try new things. ha! how can you if the same thing is everywhere you go! or you bring that thing with you! either wayyyy.. urrr.

but anyway, this is kind of gay to say and to hear. but i was told that if i was angry about something that nobody knew about - therefore i couldnt vent - to go bake a cake. and it just so happens that we have cake mix and what not. so i am going to do that and take your word for it. ykwyr ;). oh yeah, im likin my new layout. even though i did it only yesterday out of boredum. hmm i wonder why? .. i hate the way people treat people anymore, i swear. but, until whenever i feel like updating again, im gone.


ps -
aw man we got school tomorrow. im sick of that shit too!! well, at least christmas is comin up. =)
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cake =), 12-12-04 2:09pm

okay - i went and made a cake. well, im almost done. and im deff in a better mood =D. haha whoaaaa i cant believe that worked. im gonna do that more often. keep a box of cake mix on hand. lol .. shoooo. im a really good cook. well, im creative. iii -- split the batter into 2 circle pans. im puttin chocolate pudding the middle of the whole thing and the icing has to be butter somethin or whatever. the kind that you always have just lying around. bc .. yea, thats all that was lying around lol. mmmm i hope it tastes as good as its startin to look. im smart as hellll. haha you have no ideaaa. ;) . this cake is gonna be beast. whos comin over to try? .. mmm this is my late bday cake. im sooo puttin candles on it and singin to myself hahahahahah yessssss B) . im too cool ..

later my fello nigs <3

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