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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 12-12-2004 at 8:16pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: HIM - Sweet Pandemonium
Subject: Could have sworn I posted a good-bye entry before I left..
Since Legends of Elanathia reverted to Elanathia's roughly untouched mudlib (compared to Lost Legends'), I left. That was that. Goodbye coding days. I was upset I didn't get creator status, for one, and I didn't feel like I needed to ask or be asked for it. I've been with Lost Legends since October 21, 2001. I didn't like the mudlib 'idea' either of course, and that was over the top for me. I know there were so many screw-ups in the mudlib and dodgy code thanks to a fucked up ego-driven multiple personality bastard, but to me that mudlib was better. And I recall the customized parts and features in LL's mudlib were going to get implemented into Ela's, but I was not going to sit and idle there (heh..) for that to kick in. I can not stand MUDs like that. Spam hell. Shoddy NPCs running around asking to be killed, but so poorly coded that players don't feel it is even worth the privilege to be acknowledged and slaughtered, because they KNOW ten more of the EXACT SAME NPC will run into the room and flood lines of howdy-do's and how's-the-weather. GAH. Like bloody Mexicans -- never travelling alone.

"That's just wrong!" Aww...

Anyway, I'll probably switch over to another journal. If I find another MUD to put idle time into, I'll most likely continue the usage of this paid account. Tsk.

Better yet, if you know of an LPMUD that doesn't suck, I can code something here and there. Just email me with the MUD address info and a brief description of the world would be cool, too.
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12-16-04 5:00pm

It would suck a lot less if you came back. There's nothing shoddy about it. Things are brought ingame when they're good and ready. Once you'd made your Ela char you'd have been a Lady again before you knew it.
As far as the mudlib goes, yes there's a bit missing, but not quite as much as you'd think. Much of Charlton (where we're starting, obviously) needs only a couple of function changes and it's ready to go. The hard part is making it all consistent. You know yourself that half the town had naked NPCs and things that didn't work quite right. Yes, that was part of the charm of Lost Legends. Part of the problem that we're having now is that many of the Lost Legends creators have left or are on hiatus leaving people like me to fend off changes from the Ela lot with a stick. Now I'm admin things are a lot easier, but Salius has been good. He'll always listen to advice and criticism. It's not too late to come back. It'd be nice. I, for one, miss you. You always had a lot to contribute and we really need someone like you right now. It's a chance to put right what went wrong for so, so long and to get OUR MUD as perfect as it can be.
Oh, and I'm anonymous because my account died when it went to pay only. I only posted twice anyway.


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..., 12-17-04 3:34am

Okay, I've bitten my tongue for long enough. I more than welcomed you multiple times to join back into Ela. The reason you weren't a creator when you logged in was because I wasn't sure whether or not you knew the password to the Tinaker on my mud, or even sure if it was the same account.

Now we bitch and moan about a half finished area and shoddy npcs, rather than the half-assed areas that were thrown together like four people's fucking vomit tossed into a blender and called a game,.

I spent a lot of time at lost legends too, and the funny thing is, all I ever saw you do was idle. Hell, all I saw you do when I came back was idle, so I don't see where you have a place to talk about lack of work being done.

I don't mean to be mean... Or maybe I do, but I'm tired of watching you bitch about changes being made without your consent or even worse without anyone doing anything, whilst you were doing nothing yourself! We'd love your help, and the fact that you're so FUCKING pessimistic drives me insane. Yes ela's npcs are shitty, but I tell ya what, at least we take pride in our code, and we look at it like a page of code, not a bowl of vomit.

Why don't you take inititative and try to solve a problem before bitching about how horribly others are dealing with it. I'd love to have you back, but perhaps you should look at it from outside your own narrowminded point of view for once and take into account the amount of work and the thought behind things that happen.

Everything that happened happened for a reason, just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't right.

-- Salius

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12-17-04 3:42am

oh i almost forgot...

the first step to "getting your mud" back, would be to possibly tell me what you liked about LL? so you don't like the npcs on ela? that's good, neither do any of the creators on ela. do we have players? No. It's a beta mud, but perhaps if you had stuck around for more than 5 minutes before throwing a shitfit and disappearing in a cloud of whiny bitching disgust you would have noticed that. So you're more than welcome to log on, mudmail me the things that you liked about LL and maybe I can help you fix them, or you can just keep posting on here about how shitty things are and do nothing to change them. Boo hoo.

-- Salius again.

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Woof, 12-17-04 8:25am

What other journal would this be, woman? Tell me now.

- SheepBoy (or whatever the hell you want to call me)

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