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sputnik (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 12:32am
Current mood: incredibely depressed
Subject: D-Bag David
Worst F-ing night of my life.
He's the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't imagine lossing him. Actually I can- and it is very hot suddenly and demons are dancing around my feet.
I hate men. Sorry if we get pissed off because we don't want you hanging out with other sluts we can't trust. Sorry we don't like watching you rubbing up on other girls while we are there. Sorry we even bother. Why would you even ask if you know I'd be pissed.
I started off the relationship being jealous- you should have known this would happen. Don't be so f-ing surprised and retarded. Say what you feel when you feel it and other people won't have to worry about what you mean by your retaded facial expressions and such. Don't even think about doing anything on the phone. Pansies are not wanted or tolerated in this shindig-
Not all guys are crappy and retarded. Just the ones I happen to like.
Shitty deal!
Growl. >:()

Which advise to follow? Wait it out- let him do the talking- or introduce the idea of splitting for a while.
I have no clue.
Wish me luck.
So Crappy.
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12-15-04 2:18pm

good luck.

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12-15-04 10:13pm

well, i have no clue what's going on, but i have one thing to say.

my relationship with katie relies on 100% trust.

which can be hard to do, considering she's cheated on me twice.

maybe i'm stupid, but i trust her more now than i ever have before.

so, i can't justify being with someone i'm not willing to risk trusting.

but it's still a risk.

yeah, there, i'm done.

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Re:, 12-16-04 12:36pm

That's what I told him but he was still being a butthead about it. But it's okay now so I feel better. I'm still mad but it's not a big issue anymore

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