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jbandkg (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 2:25pm
I consider myself a nice guy. I hate it, I need some shit on my plate. Frankly being a nice guy isn't cutting it, people just hate the nice guy. He just stands there being nice never getting pissed really might acted like but deep down he really isn't. Just face it your bored with being friends with the nice guy. This is what I believe people think of me. I guess they like those people that occasionally get pissed at them, make fun of them, or talk about you behide your back (everyone does it). Now I am not saying I have never been mean in anyway to anyone because I have (mostly my brothers). So I trying to decided if I should stay a "nice guy" or change to something esle. ?
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12-15-04 3:33pm

the nice guy wins in the long run

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12-15-04 4:49pm

most girls are too dumb to go for the nice guy, I speak from personal experience here. they will tell you that they are looking for a nice guy, but then they will date a complete jerk. either that or they just don't realize you are the nice guy they are looking for. but stick in there.. some girls eventually wake up and see that the crappy guys are all wrong for them. and really, there aren't enough real nice guys out there.


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12-15-04 9:05pm

I know what you mean...

but seriously though, don't change for them. it will never be worth it. be yourself. thats what you do best.

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12-15-04 10:05pm

hey man,
the nice guy is perfectly entitled to be mean once in awhile.

just because you're a nice guy doesn't mean you never are an ass.

just like being a dick doesn't mean you can never be nice.

"nice guy" just means 50+% of the time.

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