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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2004 at 10:03pm
Current mood: indescribable
Music: Ashanti* U
Subject: To my future man [whoever it'll be]:

Dear You,
whoever you are. Please don't try to impress me with the stupid things that so many little hoes fall for. If you have the most expensive clothes or are a sex addict, I'm really not going to be interested. I'm lookin for Mr. D-Type. Have a conversation with me, a real one. Don't worry I'm not an all-talk kinda chick, I get down when the time is right. I need someone that's gonna appreciate me and who's gonna love me for my flaws. Oh..and if you're gay..please let me know in advance, we could always be friends. But like I said, I don't need these little superficial things when it really comes down to it, I just need a man. A brother or not, don't care. They're all men at heart. Look me in my eyes and see me for the beautiful person I am and I'll see it in you right back. Take a walk with me, better yet just get to know me period. Because when I find you, I'm definately gonna wanna see you. I don't even know if you're a person I see in my life all the time, but do know once we find eachother, it'll be beautiful. Don't break my heart either..


You're like me! The intelligent loner. You're shy
at times but friendly, and you are never weak
and always independent. You are incredibly
intelligent (wise beyond your years) and have a
talent for many things (sports, music, art).
You have a kind and warm personality and enjoy
the simple things. Like hanging out with
friends and watching movies at home. But you're
sometimes quiet nature makes you a bit of an
outcast and a mystery to people. No matter how
pretty you are or smart or athletic, you just
can't seem to break into the crowd and be
noticed. Don't worry, try to be more outgoing
and speak out when you have more to say. Don't
hide behind your books and sports and computer,
get out there and get noticed. You also have
deep desires in life and feel vunerable and
alone at times. Don't feel sad either, What
helps me to express feelings and dreams that I
can't say to people, is through my writting.
Maybe you should try.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
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true, not

Your World (Part One): What is your world made of? [girls]

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Your World (Part Two): Your social world [girls]

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Your World (Part Three): How do you see your world [girls]

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Your Beauty lies
in Mystery. Captivating, mysterious and alone. You
are the girl in the little
black number that no one seems to know, the eternal
mystery girl. You make it a
point to never let anyone know more about you than
you want them to and do a
very good job of it. You're there one minute and
gone the next leaving them in
wonder of who you really are. A mature and normally
calm individual, quiet and
enjoy spending many hours of the day on your own,
most likely preferring night
to day . You love the dark and some may find you a
bit strange. You seem to be
rather distant and cold making hard for people to
get close to you, though you
probably like the distance they usually keep. You
probably wear make-up, but
concentrate more around your eyes than anything.
You know the effect you have
and enjoy keeping people in wonder.

Some Things
That Represent You:

Dark, Water Animal: Panther Color:
Black, Maroon, Dark
Tones Song: In The Shadows by The Rasmus
Sly Smile

Black Diamond Mythological Creature: Demon,
Vampire Planet: Venus
Hair Color: Black Eye Color:

"In the shadows for all time."

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
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Congratulations! You are Lynette Scavo, the
ex-career woman who traded the boardroom for
boredom, mixed with moments of sheer panic as
the mother of four unmanageable kids.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
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NEGATIVE...Courtney don't want kids..blah blah
NO NO NO! I give up fa real this time and I'm gonna go sleep on the couch again.
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