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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 3:52pm
Music: Ashanti* Only U --> Nasir*Bridging The Gap
Subject: I'll admit it, I like you, you, and you..
Well..first off the happy stuff
JV Township vs Moorestown 35-34
Varsity Township vs Moorestown 66-47 [?]

That game was crazy!!! Corrye was dunkin! Ross was blockin! Bobby goin black. Adam got 26. OMG...that game..and squad did good too!

JV Township vs Medford Tech 77-22
Varsity Township vs Medford Tech 64 -49
YES BITCHES! 77-22! We tripled them PLUS 11! That's MY squad! D'ed up! Blocked! Ran! No hoes, you're NOT better than us so stop complainin about the "fouls"!

Varsity...y'all was slow but picked it up good job! Dunks! Blocks! Everythang! Even the fouls were crazy! "woosh!...sike!"

Lemme tell you what this fool said yesterday!
::rub on my leg::
::rub back:: "Hey Boo.."
"How u doin' girl.."
"you know..u did real good tonite [vs moorestown]"
"well I was playin for u girl"
"hear me screamin?"
"a lot of people were screamin for me"
"I was the loudest"
"well, u gonna scream like that for me tonite?"
"haha..we'll see"
"cuz u know it don't matter that I'm white and ur black rite?"
"why not boo?"
"cuz we both black in the dark"

I was dyinnnnnn...he's crazy.


Okay, so I was thinking about my situation. Okay so who am I at least slightly interested in now.. 6 boys. So yea, needless to say there's a lot of choices but there's one in particular I'm worried about. He said he's been feelin me for the longest and I was always w/ someone else. Now, I don't wanna be in a relationship w/ him..but I'm startin to see the good things in him. I'm lookin at the picture he sent me on aim, and I'm seein how much I miss him. I think he's playin rite now. Ahh.. my mind. I thought being single would be easy.. negative

I want to go shopping tonight.. and I want to, I don't know. Let's have another basketball game! That was crazyyyyyy.

Yes hoe, 7 weeks til ho, ho, ho!

What Makes You.. by SheBangs12
Your name?
Your gender?
What makes you sexy?Your ass
What makes you pretty?Um, babe, you aren't!
What makes you loveable?How dorky you are
What makes you fun?Your love for everything
What makes you irresistable?Your hugs
What makes you cute?How you talk
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See, told u I wasn't pretty :/ but yea my I talk ppl say they like my voice cuz of my "accent" which I don't have..

c o u r t n e y

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