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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 9:20pm
Music: Ashanti- Only You
Hey!! I haven't updated this forever....but thats ok. Well, I'ma start off with was freakin awesome...haha. Well...I went home with Shama after school...and umm there was a substitute bus driver..and he had to stop real fast and I was standin up already. I kinda went flying up thru the bus...Little bit farther and i woulda been thru the windshield...thats pretty depressing. He apologized like 5 times...haha. Well after that I opened the present Shama got me...It was bootiful. She got me a cute lil pillow...and this picture frame thingie...its pretty..and she got me some lip stuff...strawberry daiquiri...or however u spell it..its grand. Haha...well after that, me her and Cody went to the Olive Garden to eat. 2 bad we couldnt get the wine to go with We all sang some great music on the way there. Right, Shama? haha. Afterwards we went back to Shama's house...she got some money and she did her hurr...haha. Later on we went to Wal-mart to get the camera I so had to have for the concert. (Emerson Drive and Blue County!!) Blue County was a lot better than I thought they would be..they were great...and really freakin hot...haha. Of course Emerson Drive was awesome..I think its the 3rd time I have seen them. I wish Mike...the drummer...didnt have to stay back there...I wish he could come to the front of the stage more so I could take some great pics of him. Well...I seen Mr. Dewhurst...with Maria...and Crystal G, Amanda D, and Allison, I seen Brittany Wagner too, she's in my 1st period class at Vocational. Let's just say Mr.Dewhurst must love to jam at concerts...he looked more into it than Maria. Me and Shama wanted to get Blue County's autograph after their part of the show..but the line was out the door by the time we got was freezing cold...and we didnt wanna miss any of Emerson Drive at all. The concert was over at like around 12:30...I got and Emerson Drive shirt (they signed it) I also got a Blue County shirt...we took a back road on the way home...Redmon Ridge or sumthin...i dunno...and of course it was dark...and yeah...let's just say it was very scary...and there were a lot of graveyards...Cody would stop in front of them and turn off the lights, it was so and Shama screamed bloody murder...haha...he didn't know we were serious...but I guess after the 3rd time of screaming he finally found out. I had a lot of fun tho...It was like the greatest day ever...There will prolly be pics of me, Shama...and the girls behind us in the Gallipolis newspaper.
OK, well yesterday some of my family came down from out around in Columbus. I got to open like two presents. I got a pink watch from my aunt and uncle...I picked it out myself the day after Thanksgiving when I was shopping but thats ok. I also got a pretty pink sweater with a matching scarf...its sexy...haha...I love my little cousin Zack...he will be 4 in February...he's great...I just thought I would add that in there.
Today was the church play...oh dear...I looked embarrassing! First of all I had Mom and Dad take me to the mall so I could get some last minute presents. I got Shama, Tabi, and Bobbi's presents, and I finished up with my shopping for my dad and I'm done now...and it's great...but now I have to wrap...blah. I haven't wrapped like anything at all yet. But practice started at 4..and lasted on up until the time of church..which is 7...and the play wasnt over til 8...and then there was snacks, dessert n stuff downstairs I was at church for a long time today..but thats ok. I can't believe I dressed the way I did today tho. Yeah well...Me, Tabi, n Kim were gang members and we had to be shepherds too...but thats ok...OMG!! the clothes I wore...The pants were so big that like the seat of the jeans were like down to the back of my knees...I had this real big hoodie..and i had a cap on sideways...with the hood over was great...It was embarrassing walking in the church tho..cuz like a million people went by when i was gettin out of the car..Shama knows...haha...:( Yeah well...there's a 2 hr delay 2morrow...(Thank Goodness!)..cuz its like its supposed to be 0 degrees or below or sumthin... I can't wait til schools over...blah. I wish Christmas would hurry up and get here!! There's only like 5 days til Christmas Eve...ain't that great?! Well...I'ma stop boring u...haha...well bye bye!!!

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12-19-04 11:01pm

Yay Jenn you finally updated!! I'm so proud and you even redid your journal :]

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Re:, 12-19-04 11:16pm

I'm proud as well..seri. Jenn, Friday was one of the best days of my life...I LOVED IT! I dunno what day is gonna compare to it but it's gotta be pretty damm good. HAHA! <3ya!

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12-19-04 11:16pm

YAY jennay u finally updated this beast lol... oh yes and we are the best gangsta's ever lol.. LY!! *Kimmay*

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12-19-04 11:20pm

Yes, I must just that great! :)
haha...goodbye my dears!

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Re:, 12-20-04 11:14am

Ur hot!

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