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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2004 at 6:08pm
Subject: disclaimer of life
I'm human too
not just cold or stone
I might not recoild when you bite me, I might take your insults, I might handel your problems, I might seem intelligent
but I'm human, I fuck up, I make mistakes, I suffer from emotion, sometimes I don't know what to say or do
and it's the times when I don't do things well that the quips of man find an entterance
it hurts to fuck up
pain makes me colder
it's a vicious circle
I think I'm out and they pull me back in

why am I who I am?
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12-20-04 10:15pm

You are who you are because thats who you are.
Don't change.
Everyone fucks up. Even me. And yes, it hurts. It's only like this to teach us not to do it again.
We all suffer emotion.
Without it, breath is like a clock.

Mark, I love you so much. You are dear to me, I hate to see you hurt.
We should get together over winter break and just hang out and talk.

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12-20-04 10:20pm

You are the person you are today, because you were meant to be the person you are today, nothing can change that, and if I do say so myself you're a rather good person, you're not perfect, but neither is anybody else, but you're a damn good person.

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12-21-04 1:28am

because you were brought up that way. there's no two people who were brought up the same way. we all have different flaws and beautys about us. you just need to find what makes you happiest, mark. you need to focus on what's good.

...and i wouldn't advise taking well... advice from me. i'm always wrong.

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12-22-04 4:11pm

Are we having a practice today?

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Re:, 12-22-04 11:28pm

sorry, I got dragged out of town, so I wouldn't have been able to make it if there was one

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