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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 7:28pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Johnny Cash - I walk the line
Subject: Life's no game.
Work, work, work. The past 2 days i got let out early. starting next week. i will be working 2 shifts a day. so on tuesdays, im going to be working 11 hours. and on wednesdays, im going to be working 8 1/2 hours. and on the weekend im still not sure. probably 5 hours for weekends. thats a lot of fucking hours in one day. ive never worked 11 hours for a day. but yeah, this is going to go on for about a month because one of the employee's is getting surgery. i get paid in 2 weeks. the check should be rather large. i made $23 bucks in tips last night. i didnt collect tips from tonight because i didnt close. but ill probably pick it up tomorrow morning. going out with friends tomorrow so im gonna need money for that. once i get my first check, im going to start paying rent, so there's $175 gone right there. plus whatever other bills like phone and shit. plus, paying people back and all that other stuff. my mom is giving me $100 for christmas, and my dad's giving me a gift certificate for the mall, not sure how much for. but im going to use that money on stuff i need, such as clothes and whatever else. ill probably start saving money soon. once i get large amounts coming in. *sigh* life is good, things are going well. finally.
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12-23-04 10:42am

you are not gonna have that much money starting out, i didnt, but meh, its money, and you dont have to worry about payin me back for awhile, till you get on your feet

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