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losttt (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 5:53am
mother fuckers im twisted in a system again
i thought the left was the right but now im vertical n'n
you could say its cause right now im so fuckin blazed...but
i know only help stems from the purple
if the boy katusak
fuckin the man with no sac
wants to put his lips on the girl ive kissed
for one whole year and seven months so dear
only one week past the sunday that we crashed?
i could of sworn he had known
i could of sworn he's my bro
but fuck that shit clutch pirate; mo'
bro's dont pull this type of show
with the girl their friends in love with? fuck you
i would die for this girl
she's my love and my world...but
my fucked up head let a big mistake happen this time
requiring big ass changes to my small little mind...but
how you gonna do that man? do you fucking think you love her?
want to spend your life with her? watch her become a mother?
i dont think you realize kid that these things are so real
fucking with these things; perhaps this may allow you to feel
my beliefs and the person I value most in life
is ashley francis and its not changing so kick that thought to the curb
you dont have a goddamn clue what you wedged youreself in
this vent is all you man; shes seperated and can do what she will
and i love her so so much, so i'll respect what she does
not you
she says its my fault she likes you and if i hadnt done what i did
she would have never fuckin given you a second thought kid
but i thought feelings are there no matter what?; and she was in love a week before?
something doesnt quite add
but so what; everything isnt for me to question
just had to tell some bitches how i feel
cause biting my tounge isnt close to real
and im sick of playing that game; too many been played
time out had to be called, switches have to be pulled
"and thats the way the cookie crumbles" some guy said
well this is a shitty ass cookie if you ask me
both to what i did, and to what you did
so now enough with the who donnits and who dids
ive spent a late night and now
i just want to say i love you

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everything happens for a reason., 12-23-04 4:36pm

that was very well written.
if you remember about what..... 2 and a half years ago this is was i was going through. i know how it feels. and i know how she feels. but right now, i'd think you need a friend.. so i am always here.
but she loves you. she's probably just a little confused right now. keep that in mind. she'll be back. they always do come back to you, dont they?

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i love you., 12-24-04 8:02am

im all yours.

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